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Our Server

[Rig] DeVcon1 aMWAdminRig posted Sep 22, 16

We are now running a Dedicated 

64- Bit x2 Quad core Xeon 

4Gb dedicated more if needed

2x 750gb raid HDD

Any Donation to the server will

now go towards future upgrades

and website. As well as running

cost! :)

[Rig] DeVcon1 MWAdminRigSell shop has been moved to the new world as well as the magic scroll shop, more buy items have been added to local market as well as the skyblock is back up and running again :)
Higgins   registered to MWCAFT
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[Rig] DeVcon1 MWAdminRig  Long time no see bud.
[Mate] ShadySituation MWAdminVIPMate  added 30 Advanced days to MWCAFT
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[Rig] DeVcon1 MWAdminRig  Thanks shady :)
[Mate] ShadySituation MWAdminVIPMate  No Worrys at all glad to help
doomducker Membercan i get unbanned coz i got band for spamming in chat when i was buying spruce slabs for my house
[Rig] DeVcon1 MWAdminRig  I will un-ban you, and also sort out the spam banner.
doomducker Member  thanks
[Rig] DeVcon1 MWAdminRigMap and voting back up and running!
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