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Our Server

DeVcon1 aMWAdmin posted Sep 22, 16

We are now running a Dedicated 

64- Bit x2 Quad core Xeon 

4Gb dedicated more if needed

2x 750gb raid HDD

Any Donation to the server will

now go towards future upgrades

and website. As well as running

cost! :)

Admins are chosen by the owner, Devilsphere007, so please do not ask for Admin status, as your answer will be a resounding "No!"

DeVcon1 MWAdminMap and voting back up and running!
DeVcon1 MWAdmin  published Our Server on News wall
DeVcon1 MWAdminServer is back up, just waiting on the domain name to populate again.
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DeVcon1 MWAdmin  Server domain name has now populated, just got to sort out the voting and server map.
DeVcon1 MWAdminMain server will be closing down for a week or 2 while i bring it back to Aus, But we will be back up and running soon enough.
[Mate] Volimance MWAdminMemberMate  Seems like you're making the right choice.
DeVcon1 MWAdmin  added 30 Advanced days to MWCAFT
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